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For centuries, humanity has been captivated by the shimmering charisma of gold and silver.

These precious metals have surpassed time and culture, holding a special place in people’s hearts as symbols of wealth, power, and beauty.

In an increasingly digital and unstable world, the weight and texture of these assets offer a sense of permanence and stability that everyone can appreciate.

And for those seeking to acquire these treasures in the vibrant city of Jacksonville, you are in luck.

If you have not found any vendor in the city yet, you have been looking in the wrong place.

I found many, all of which had something great to offer. Join the expanding group of people who want to learn more, so they can confidently buy gold and silver in Jacksonville.

Important Notice! Before you continue onwards:

Sutter Gold Mining prides itself on providing the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

I put in long, hard hours to ensure all the information I provide is reliable and helpful for you to buy gold and silver. This is simply because financial decisions like this should be well-planned!

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Get ready to unearth the hidden gems of Jacksonville with the list below. You will certainly be amazed by them.

Where To Purchase Gold & Silver In Jacksonville, FL

As the introduction suggested, the city of Jacksonville has a lot to offer. There are some excellent gold dealers present here.

After careful consideration and extensive research, I have chosen seven of them to be on this list. You will love them, thanks to their experience in the industry.

1. Edgewood Coin

When it comes to rare and precious metal coins, one seldom finds dealers specializing in them.

Well, Edgewood Coin is that unique shop. It has been in business for over 55 years and has a lot of experience under its belt.

The thing about rare coins is that they have better value if certified. It can be concluded that this is indeed the case with the coins at Edgewood Coin.

The coins are certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, which is commonly known as the NGC.

According to clients, the shop has the best selection of rare coins and the best prices. You will certainly be satisfied if you decide to visit this dealer today.

Phone Number: (904) 389-0013
Address: 936 Edgewood Ave S, Jacksonville, FL 32205

2. Gold Star Jewelry & Pawn

Gold Star Jewelry & Pawn is a fantastic dealer, especially if you want someone who has known the market for decades.

Don’t scroll down! This dealer is unlike other pawn shops you might have an experience with. It was established in 1988 and is family owned and operated too.

As it is a pawn shop, you can buy and sell anything here. They are ready to get your possessions off your hands, from gold to platinum and even boats.

They claim they will provide you with the best rate for your gold. They will appraise your precious metal item on the spot and will not try to undermine you.

The shop’s website even has a live gold rate, so you don’t have to worry about a specific staff member buying from or selling to you at a different one.

Phone Number: (904) 730-2025
Address: 6066 St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32217

3. PCL Group

You might be wondering why I am biased toward pawn shops, but I am not. It’s just that some of these dealers are so good that it feels like a crime, not to mention them.

One of them is PCL Group. It even says that it is not a traditional loan-giving shop. It has been trying to be different than others since its inauguration in 1980.

The previous shop dealt with everything, even without jewelry. PCL Group focuses solely on jewelry, coins, and precious metals.

It not only buys them at a decent rate but also offers you to pawn them. After paying your loan off, you can get it back! Your precious metals will be in safe hands while you get much-needed cash.

Phone Number: (904) 544-9031
Address: 225 Water Street, Ste 1575, Jacksonville, FL 32202

4. Precious Metals Advisory

Want to get into a deal with a vendor that will also give you honest advice? Then there is no one more suitable for this task than Precious Metals Advisory.

Not only does it advise you on precious metals and bullion, but it also sells to you. The best thing about it is that it keeps its profit levels low, so you can get the maximum savings.

Its competitive prices are one of the many reasons I recommend this dealer to you. It believes in honesty and fairness. It also performs all transactions discreetly at its store.

Even if you choose to buy from them, there is no minimum set by them. They know that not everyone can purchase a lot of precious metals, and they want to accommodate everyone.

They even offer a Precious Metals IRA with minimal fees.

Phone Number: (904) 887-2986
Address: 6034 Chester Ave #107b, Jacksonville, FL 32217

5. Premier Jewelers

Premier Jeweler is a fantastic shop that has a combined experience of 30 years. It deals in all sorts of jewelry and has hundreds of satisfied clients, as seen in its ratings.

But buying jewelry for the sake of investment is not a good decision. You need to pay for making it, resulting in less returns when selling. So, I would not recommend this shop for that.

Premier Jewelers purchases gold from you too. It can be in any form, from jewelry to even scrap, and the shop will be more than happy to purchase it.

That’s not all. It also purchases other metals, such as silver and platinum. They will also appraise your precious metals so you know their worth.

Phone Number: (904) 338-0921
Address: 9810 Baymeadows Road #11, Jacksonville, FL 32256

6. Jimmy’s Jewelry and Pawn

One of the last dealers on this list is Jimmy’s Jewelry and Pawn. This pawn shop is similar to those that were present above. It was first opened in 1996.

The shop has a friendly staff and amazing prices. Even before I checked out what this dealer offers, user ratings were overwhelmingly positive.

Regarding metals, this dealer will buy gold, silver, and other precious metals from you. It can be white gold, broken gold, or any purity; you can sell it here.

If you want to buy from it, you will not be disappointed by the variety of jewelry present here. It may not be the best, but it is a dealer you will not regret visiting.

Phone Number: (904) 292-1001
Address: 11018-117 Old St. Augustine Rd. Jacksonville, Fl 32257

7. Value Pawn & Jewelry

Finally, coming in seventh and final place is yet another pawn shop. Unlike the others, Value Pawn & Jewelry has a network of shops, which is around 100.

This establishes that it is a national chain. It has a lot of happy customers due to it being forthcoming with its dealings.

Value Pawn & Jewelry will purchase gold jewelry, diamonds, precious watches, and much more from you.

You can also get collateral against your prized possessions, so you will never regret losing them. The staff has been trained to show the utmost professionalism. It is friendly and will help you out.

Phone Number: 904 731 9996
Address: 5706 University Boulevard West, Jacksonville, FL 32216

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Much Do Gold Dealers Charge In Jacksonville, FL?

This honestly depends on how much you can get them to settle on. Some dealers charge a percent or two of the price of precious metals you are buying.

The same goes for when you are selling. Some claim to give you up to 99% then some gold dealers charges no fees at all.

You need to research the market and choose one that offers you the best rate and charges as little premium as possible. This will ensure that your investment bears fruit shortly.

Q2: Are There Taxes On Purchasing Gold & Silver In Jacksonville, FL?

Things changed for the better on the 1st of July 2021. The state of Florida passed a new law that allowed for exemptions on gold and silver.

Now, not everything is completely safe from taxes. Buying coins and currency, which is US legal tender, will be exempt.

Also, the state will not tax it if the purchase value is more than $500 for bullion. If lower than this, the state will charge you 6%, with up to 2% being charged by the county.

Q3: Can You Invest In A Gold IRA In Jacksonville, FL?

Looks like you want to purchase precious metals as soon as possible and did not read the article in detail. To answer your question, yes, you can easily invest in a gold IRA in Jacksonville.

The fourth dealer on the above list, called the Precious Metals Advisory, is one dealer amongst many that offer gold IRAs to the residents of Jacksonville.

Although it is a good option, you would be better off researching and choosing one that meets your requirements.

Gold IRA services are a perfect way to diversify your assets and expand your investment portfolio. This, however, is only possible if you have a capable firm providing you with the service. I have gone ahead and compiled various reliable gold IRA companies for your benefit!

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You might be a bit scared if you want to buy precious metals in Jacksonville. This might be because there are more pawn shops here than proper gold dealers.

Well, I can assure you that they can be trusted. Every dealer in the list above has been selected after taking a close look at its reviews, services, and customer service.

These seven excelled more than any other dealer, so you will love them.

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