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In today’s day and age, you must ensure that you have multiple ways to increase your assets and ensure your retirement savings are put to good use.

Purchasing precious metals is a great idea as you can depend less on economic factors.

If you live in Knoxville, chances are you have passed by a precious metal seller once or twice. It is not common knowledge to know that there are quite a few precious metals dealers in the city.

To buy gold and silver in Knoxville, you must ensure that your dealer is reputable. This can be tough as there are plenty to choose from.

Important Notice! Before you continue onwards:

Sutter Gold Mining prides itself on providing the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

I put in long, hard hours to ensure all the information I provide is reliable and helpful for you to buy gold and silver. This is simply because financial decisions like this should be well-planned!

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Luckily for you, you can read this guide to see which of the many dealers in the city are perfect for buying gold and silver.

This will also help you understand which gold and silver sellers are good for long-term business.

Where To Purchase Gold & Silver In Knoxville, TN

If you want to ensure the best use of your retirement savings, finding a capable precious metal dealer is in your best interest.

Here are, in my opinion, some of the best places to buy or sell gold and silver in the city. You can find out everything about them below.

1. Kit’s Rare Coins

Kit’s Rare Coins is committed to offering high-quality coins and other valuables at fair prices. In addition to buying and selling coins, they offer free consultation on dealing in precious metals.

The business adheres to NGC, PCGS, PMG, and ANA numismatic standards to ensure fair pricing for purchases and sales. John Barrett, also known as “Kit,” has over 40 years of experience in coins and collectibles.

He offers various services in East Tennessee, including consignment, pocket watch sales and appraisals, certification by PCGS, ANA, and NGC, coin and antique appraisals, clock and gun appraisals, and gold and silver purchase and sale.

Customers have expressed satisfaction with Kit’s Rare Coins, citing Kit’s trustworthiness, knowledge, organization, thoroughness, and helpfulness.

Phone Number: (865) 599-4915
Address: 7253 Oak Ridge Highway, Knoxville, TN 37931

2. Lamon Jewelers

Lamon Jewelers is a reputable jewelry store that has been in operation for over 38 years.

The shop was founded in Knoxville, TN, in 1983, committed to providing exceptional quality, style, and comfort in its jewelry collections.

This business is renowned for its jewelry repair and restoration services, carried out by skilled craftsmen who ensure that every piece of jewelry meets the standard.

The shop is committed to providing its customers with world-class jewelry, bullion, gold, and silver.

Lamon Jewelers is a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and offers a wide range of services, including jewelry repair, custom design, and appraisals.

They offer a broad range of jewelry collections at exceptional value, including estate and vintage jewelry, engagement ring mountings, and the latest fashion designs.

The shop is committed to providing a 5-star customer service experience, regardless of the budget, and every customer is valuable to them.

Phone Number: (865) 690-9568
Address: 7923 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919

3. Knoxville Gold Buyers

Bob Craig, the founder, and owner of Knoxville Gold Buyers, have almost 30 years of experience in the Knoxville jewelry industry.

The company buys gold, sterling silver, and other precious metals at high prices by understanding the current markets and using technically superior processing.

They purchase karat fine gold, including gold between 10ktand 24kt gold. This is on top of sterling silver, platinum, and palladium items.

Since the company provides the best offers in the market, they invite customers to visit other gold buyers first to get the offers.

The items are evaluated for authenticity and weight, and the offer is based on the corresponding market price of metals at the time and the item’s weight.

If the customer agrees to the offer, they receive immediate payment on the spot. Knoxville Gold Buyers is also a source for buying loose diamonds and diamond rings.

Phone Number: (865) 773-7167
Address: 6515 Clinton Highway, Suite 205, Knoxville, TN 37912


EZPAWN offers a variety of services to help meet customers’ needs.

With their gold buying service, customers can sell their gold and diamond jewelry and broken gold of any weight or karat for top dollar. They test all precious metals to ensure customers receive a fair and accurate price.

This business provides auto pawn loans on many types of vehicles for those who need quick cash.

Customers can leave their vehicle there as collateral and receive cash immediately. The vehicle will be securely stored in their facility until the pawn loan is paid and the customer picks it up.

Extensions and renewals are available where the law permits greater flexibility. EZPAWN also provides pawn loans for customers who buy items in decent working conditions.

The pawn process is straightforward; the more valuable the item, the more money customers can receive. The store carries various items, and new merchandise is added daily.

Customers can enroll in the EZ+ Rewards Program, which allows them to manage their pawns, layaways, and rewards from anywhere and make online payments on pawn extensions and layaways.

Phone Number: (865) 546-0366
Address: 3911 E Magnolia Ave Knoxville, TN 37914

5. Fort Knox Gold Coin Buyers

Fort Knox Gold Coin Buyers, owned by Justin Kennedy, is a business with a strong background in the precious metals industry.

Kennedy, a Knoxville resident, has purchased millions of dollars worth of gold and silver in his career.

The company offers their customers a very competitive price. They also prioritize teaching their clients how they arrive at the price offered for their items.

Their appraisals are free, and they are always willing to discuss and teach clients about their precious items at no charge.

The company offers cash on the spot and assures clients that transactions are safe and confidential.

They use the “Blue Book” by coin dealers to appraise coin collections properly and ensure that clients receive a fair price for their coins.

All quotes the company provides are free, and clients are not obligated to sell their gold or silver. However, most clients are satisfied with the offers provided by Fort Knox Gold Coin Buyers.

Phone Number: (865) 518-2646
Address: 10153 Bluegrass Road, Knoxville, TN 37922

6. Knoxville Gold & Silver Buyers

With over 10 years of experience in the industry Knoxville Gold & Silver Buyers is considered a reliable and honest gold and silver dealer. They buy and sell various types of gold, silver, and jewelry.

The company is known for providing fair and honest prices to its clients, and they offer exceptional customer service.

The customers’ reviews are positive, with many complimenting the business for its reasonable pricing and exceptional customer service.

They appreciate the extra effort made by the company to ensure that they receive the best possible price for their precious metals. One client was even surprised when they were offered more than they expected.

The company focuses on buying precious metals and jewelry but requires appointments for this service. That being said, you should book an appointment and check them out when you can.

Phone Number: (865) 352-7082
Address: 7418 Maynardville Pike, Knoxville, TN 37938

7. Signature Diamonds

Signature Diamonds, established in 1992, is one of the premier jewelry stores in Knoxville. Their reputation for quality and excellence is built on their attention to detail.

In addition to their focus on diamonds, they also buy gold, silver, and platinum. This is done through jewelry, coins, nuggets, and bullion.

Moreover, their experienced and trustworthy staff of gold buyers will test your items and provide an accurate assessment to ensure you get top dollar for your precious metals.

The entire process is quick and easy, with no pressure to sell.

Phone Number: (865) 690-2342
Address: 7600 Kingston Pike, Suite 1126, Knoxville, TN – 37919

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Much Do Gold Dealers Charge In Knoxville, TN?

Typically, dealer charges in Knoxville should range from 3% up to 15%. On average, you should see about a 7% dealer charge. Remember that this can easily go up depending on the bullion you purchase.

Q2: Are There Taxes On Purchasing Gold & Silver In Knoxville, TN?

Knoxville is part of the state of Tennessee. If you plan on buying precious metals here, you should be ready to pay a hefty 7% state tax. This will apply regardless of which dealer you have.

Q3: Can You Invest In A Gold IRA In Knoxville, TN?

There is no reason why you cannot invest in a gold IRA in the city of Knoxville. Many people will encourage you to do this as it is a great asset diversification method. Looking for a dealer that offers this service should also be a priority, in my opinion.

Gold IRA services are a perfect way to diversify your assets and expand your investment portfolio. This, however, is only possible if you have a capable firm providing you with the service. I have gone ahead and compiled various reliable gold IRA companies for your benefit!

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With the help of this article, you should be easily able to identify which dealers in Knoxville are best to do business with.

You should check out the dealers listed above, as they might be perfect for the work you want to do. They can be perfect regardless of whether you want to buy or sell.

You can also use their qualities to figure out if the dealer in your mind is worth entrusting your precious life savings with.

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