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Louisville’s economy and gold market offers a range of opportunities for those looking to invest in precious metals or explore the city’s business landscape. This can also make it harder to find a good dealer.

With careful research and consideration, individuals can find reliable and reputable gold dealers to buy gold and silver in Louisville.

To ensure a positive experience, it is important to research and looks for a dealer with a good reputation, transparent pricing, and a wide selection of products. This can help you feel confident that you are getting a fair deal.

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Sutter Gold Mining prides itself on providing the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

I put in long, hard hours to ensure all the information I provide is reliable and helpful for you to buy gold and silver. This is simply because financial decisions like this should be well-planned!

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In this article, I will be taking a look at a few credible dealers which I support. I will talk about their services and reputation, which are integral to determining if the business is seeking your best interests.

Where To Purchase Gold & Silver In Louisville, KY

Louisville, Kentucky, has a thriving market for gold and silver. With numerous shops scattered across the city, finding a reputable and reliable one can be daunting.

Here are a few dealers that caught my eye due to their reputability.

1. Cherokee Coins & Jewelry, Inc

Cherokee Coins and Jewelry, Inc is a family-owned and operated coin dealer that prides itself on honesty and integrity. They offer a vast selection of coins, gold, silver, platinum, and collectible memorabilia.

The store has a large showroom with various types of coins, including key date coins & dollar collections. They also sell hard-to-find jewelry, including diamonds and antiques.

The business owner, Steve Kommor, has been buying and selling coins since college and opened the doors to this store in 1980. Steve and his wife are business partners with a national reputation as trusted coin dealers.

The store’s stock changes daily and they attend major shows nationally to purchase the best and most unique products.

Additionally, they offer low and competitive prices, and their business is based on repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals.

While the store prefers to meet customers in person, they also have an online store for collectors to expand their collections.

They look forward to serving more customers in the future. You should definitely be a part of this if you want someone to handle your precious metals.

Phone Number: (502) 458-6787
Address: 1825 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205

2. Louisville Gold and Silver Exchange LLC

Louisville Gold and Silver Exchange LLC is a top jewelry buyer in the city. They are well known for providing instant cash for old gold and silver.

With over 35 years of experience buying gold and silver, they offer the best possible price return. This is done by cutting out the middlemen and keeping their overhead low.

The shop buys anything made of gold or silver, including jewelry, coins, and sterling silver flatware. They even buy scrap or broken jewelry and gold-filled jewelry.

The shop shows customers the current market price and pays based on the market price at the time of sale. Customers can expect to be paid in cash which is perfect if you are looking for a quick way to sell your gold.

The scales used to measure gold and silver weight are not kept out of sight. Ken, the owner, is there to explain the process step by step.

With their focus solely on buying precious metals, Louisville Gold and Silver Exchange LLC is Louisville’s number one gold and silver exchange, at least according to them.

I believe it is a solid place to have on your list!

Phone Number: (502) 962-0056
Address: 4400 St. Rita Drive Louisville, KY 40219

3. Bob and Co Pawn Shop

Bob and Co Pawn Shop is yet another family-owned and operated business.

This establishment specializes in buying, selling, and trading various valuable items, including gold and silver metals, to name a few.

Their Google rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars attests to their excellent service and staff.

The team is helpful, friendly, and straightforward, making it an easy and pleasant experience if you are interested in visiting a store personally. The shop’s inventory is impressive, with a broad range of items.

While not all of their catalog is based on precious metals, you can be sure that any products that cater to you are fairly priced.

Customers who have purchased multiple items or are on a budget appreciate the flexibility and accommodating attitude toward negotiations.

People are satisfied with their experience and willingness to help even when not pawning any items. This goes to show the level of commitment the store provides.

Bob and Co Pawn Shop appears to be an excellent choice for those needing a reputable pawn shop with fair prices and outstanding customer service.

Phone Number: (502) 966-0357
Address: 4904 Poplar Level Road, Louisville, KY 40219

4. J&M Pawn Shop

J&M Pawn Shop is a reputable pawn shop in Louisville. The store offers fair prices and rates to all of its customers. Their experts can appraise various items, such as gold, silver, coins, and jewelry.

Not only are these all the items you typically want them to do, but they also offer a fair price!

In addition, the pawn shop provides discrete private appointments for clients who need to keep their business confidential.

Customers can pawn or sell their gold and get top dollar. Rest assured that you will get the full value of your product when selling to them.

Moreover, the pawn shop is open on Sundays, making it a convenient option for customers who need to pawn or sell their items.

They are committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring their customers are satisfied with their transactions.

Phone Number: (502) 632-1545
Address: 7950 Dixie Hwy, Louisville, KY 40258

5. Staples Jewelry

Staples Jewelry is a family-owned jewelry retail and repair shop. It is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality jewelry designs, stones, and metals.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring or special occasion gift or just want to sell your gold, the professional jewelers at this establishment can assist you.

The store has a helpful, informational approach that doesn’t pressure customers.

When you visit the store, you will be seated with one of the professional jewelers who will take the time to work with you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

With over 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry, these people have built a reputation for consistently offering high-quality, beautiful pieces.

The store provides certified appraisals and consignment options for clients looking to sell their jewelry or gold.

Moreover, they purchase gold in all forms for same-day payments making it a solid place to visit if you want to turn a profit.

Clients can sell their jewelry and gold to a store with a proven reputation and get the full value for their items.

Phone Number: (502) 425-2302
Address: 9800 Shelbyville Rd, Suite 103, Louisville, Ky 40223

6. St. Matthews Jewelers

St. Matthews Jewelers is a reliable and customer-focused jewelry shop located in Louisville.

With over 30 years of experience, they offer exceptional service, specializing in jewelry, and provide services for buying and selling.

Since 1982, the people at the store have been serving customers in the city, providing services to meet their jewelry needs. Their services include custom jewelry design &repair, appraisals, and jewelry restoration.

Apart from buying and selling gold and silver, they also deal in platinum, coins, and sterling silver. If you plan to invest in any of these materials or want to sell them, the shop will be perfect for you.

With a focus on great service and affordable prices, St. Matthews Jewelers is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a wide selection of custom and designer jewelry in Louisville.

Phone Number: (502) 896-2707
Address: 3634 Brownsboro Rd, Louisville, KY 40207

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Much Do Gold Dealers Charge In Louisville, KY?

Louisville’s basic dealer charges will range from 2% to 20%, but these are both extremes. Typically, you should stay close to 7%, with 15% being the most you will get on quality bullion.

Q2: Are There Taxes On Purchasing Gold & Silver In Louisville, KY?

The city of Louisville is a part of the state of Kentucky. This means you must pay a 6% state-wide sales tax when purchasing precious metals. Additionally, there are no exemptions to this law.

Q3: Can You Invest In A Gold IRA In Louisville, KY?

You can quite easily invest in a gold IRA in Louisville. Plenty of quality firms provide the service that can help you set up a quality account for your needs.

Gold IRA services are a perfect way to diversify your assets and expand your investment portfolio. This, however, is only possible if you have a capable firm providing you with the service. I have gone ahead and compiled various reliable gold IRA companies for your benefit!

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If you are on a mission to buy precious metals in Louisville, you need to be on the lookout for a reputable gold dealer. With the vast multitude of dealers in the city, this can be a grueling task.

Luckily, with the help of this article, not only should you be able to easily check out the many dealers in the list, but figure out how to look for one in general.

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