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Being a major leader in finance and commerce, Miami is the 9th most populous city in the United States. Additionally, it is the second richest city in the country and has the 12th largest economy.

This means that you can easily find yourself a precious metal firm. One thing to note is that not every firm has your best interest at heart.

If you want to buy gold and silver in Miami, look at the various businesses and firms I will mention below.

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I put in long, hard hours to ensure all the information I provide is reliable and helpful for you to buy gold and silver. This is simply because financial decisions like this should be well-planned!

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I should now start talking about the firms, what you can expect from them, and the services they offer.

Where To Purchase Gold & Silver In Miami, FL

Miami has a lot of precious metal dealers, but not all of them will want to provide you with the quality services you deserve. Some may try to give you a bad deal, while others are scams.

Below, I have compiled a list of trustworthy and reliable firms and businesses you can do business with. Additionally, I will provide some background about them and the array of services you can avail of.

1. Atomic Gold Inc.

Found in the downtown Miami jewelry district, Atomic Gold Inc. has been a registered corporation in Florida since 1991.

The company itself was envisioned back in 1950 by the founder of the business. His dream was to have a large precious metal trading company, and his purpose was to provide personalized services to all his clients.

It is these standards that have been upheld and enhanced by future owners of the business. Along with buying and selling an assortment of different metals, the business is also known for casting and analyzing all sorts of precious metals.

They believe that establishing long-term relationships with clients is essential. Keeping this in mind, you could benefit greatly if you decide to partner with this firm.

Phone Number: (305) 579-2179
Address: 14 NE 1st Ave #807 Miami, FL 33132

2. Miami Gold Coins, Inc.

Miami Gold Coins, Inc. has been operational for more than 30 years. Over all of these long years, they maintained all of their services and established a good rapport with the people in Miami.

This business is very simple in its services. It buys, sells, and trades and does this for many different products. These products can include your basic items, such as coins and bullion, medals, tokens, and jewelry.

All of the above is available in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and even rhodium. Additional services that they offer include appraisals as well.

Their main goal is to strive for a positive and great customer experience. That being said, you can hope to gain a lot by investing with this quality firm.

Phone Number: (786) 242-3700
Address: 13789 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33176

3. Mega Gold Jewelry

By the name alone, you would think this business would specialize in jewelry. While that is not the case, Mega Gold Jewelry also offers immediate payouts for gold and other precious metals.

Established in 2000, this family-owned and operated business offers its customers the best and most honest services. They intentionally keep their overhead low to remain competitive and offer great deals to their customers.

Promising customer satisfaction and lots of savings, the people working at this business have helped thousands of customers. Their services include loans on jewelry and precious metals such as gold and silver.

They offer competitive prices for these metals and also do appraisals. So if you have any gold or scrap that you want to sell or are in the market for some high-quality bullion, you should check out Mega Gold Jewelry.

Phone Number: (305) 269-6957
Address: 2346 Ludlam Rd Miami FL 33155

4. The Gold Father

Established in 2007, this business started out with a very simple idea. This was to make precious metals available to the public at fair prices. Along with this, they aimed to provide quality customer services and ensure honest dealings.

By the look of things, it is safe to say that The Gold Father has achieved all of these roles. They are one of Miami Beach’s top coin dealers. They do so for a variety of different coins available in gold, silver, and platinum.

Moreover, they invest heavily in acquiring certified rare coins and will pay or provide you with quality prices for coins and bullion. Additionally, this business also offers confidential appraisals and free appraisals.

If you have been looking for a firm that has a large variety of products to choose from, then you should definitely check out The Gold Father.

Phone Number: (305) 944-1225
Address: 1621 NE 163rd St North Miami Beach, FL 33162

5. Park Avenue Numismatics

Park Avenue Numismatics is another respectable bullion firm that specializes in rare coins. The business is in the market of buying and selling coins and jewelry made of both gold and silver.

Additionally, they also do the same for diamonds. The company has been doing so since 1988 and has sold more than a billion dollars worth of goods.

The specialists employed in the business will make sure to assist you in creating a balanced and diversified portfolio.

While doing so, they will make sure to focus on privacy, safety, and security, ensuring that there is no loss of your hard-earned cash.

Regardless of whether you are a new or long-time investor, you have a lot to gain by partnering up with this business.

They have a great track record and solid investment performance, so you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands.

Phone Number: (888) 419-7136
Address: 5084 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 105, Miami, FL 33137

6. Direct Bullion USA

Voted bets in their class for four years in a row, Direct Bullion USA is a leading international distributor of gold and silver bullion produced by the government. All of their clients trust that they can get quality products for their respective portfolios.

The people working here are committed to your satisfaction, regardless of your experience in precious metals investments. This business has had over 10,000 client services and over 1.5 million products shipped.

Additionally, they have dealt in over 100 million dollars worth of transactions. You can trust them for all of your investment needs.

Phone Number: (800) 757 7050
Address: 1101 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131

7. Kaloti Metals & Logistics

Established in 2011, Kaloti Metals & Logistics is another solid company to consider when looking for a precious metal firm.

The company is a US-based extension of Dubai Kaloti Group, which is one of the leading gold refiners in the Emirates.

That being said, they take advantage of their company to the fullest and make sure to avail a huge variety of products for their customers.

Their services include bullion and numismatic coins along with bullion bars. They provide competitive pricing and do so to both domestic and international clients.

All of this, along with a good selection of reviews, point to this company being a great pick in general.

Phone Number: (305) 577-5969
Address: 55 NE 1 Street, Ste 34, Miami, FL 33132, United States of America

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Much Do Gold Dealers Charge In Miami, FL?

The dealers in Miami have safeguarded their profits by implementing dealer charges.

This dealer charge will change depending on the dealer you are investing with. Some may have it as low as 5%, but others can easily take it up to 8%.

Additionally, this charge tends to be even higher in premium bullion, reaching 20%. Make sure to keep this in mind when browsing different precious metals dealers.

Q2: Are There Taxes On Purchasing Gold & Silver In Miami, FL?

When it comes to sales taxes and Miami, the situation is very delicate. You will have to pay taxes depending on the total of your transaction.

The standard tax rate of the state of Florida is 6%, and you will have to pay that for purchases that do not meet a certain amount which is $500.

With that being said, if you opt to increase your budget and buy more, you can eventually reduce the sales tax to 0%.

Q3: Can You Invest In A Gold IRA In Miami, FL?

Miami has one of the biggest centers when it comes to businesses. Regardless of what business you choose, you should also be on the lookout for one that provides gold IRA services.

Gold IRAs are allowed and promoted in Miami as a tool for getting high value from your savings. You should invest in a company with both of these services for maximum profits and ease of access.

Gold IRA services are a perfect way to diversify your assets and expand your investment portfolio. This, however, is only possible if you have a capable firm providing you with the service. I have gone ahead and compiled various reliable gold IRA companies for your benefit!

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It can be a daunting task to look for a reliable precious metal dealer, especially in the city of Miami. It should be much easier for you to look for one now that you have finished reading this article.

You should be able to easily avoid any potential scammers, and rest assured that the people mentioned in this list can be trusted with your hard-earned savings.

The article should also tell you what to expect from reliable companies not mentioned in this list as well.

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