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Pittsburgh is already a famous city when it comes to metals. It is known as the steel city due to its various structures. Apart from steel, you will likely be looking for various precious metals.

This article is perfect for you if you want to buy gold and silver in Pittsburgh but don’t know which place to visit. Here, I’ll list and discuss various precious metals firms for you to check out.

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I put in long, hard hours to ensure all the information I provide is reliable and helpful for you to buy gold and silver. This is simply because financial decisions like this should be well-planned!

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I will go in depth about all these firms and businesses, so ensure you read the article till the end. This will help you pick up a good company to open a gold IRA or invest in precious metals.

Where To Purchase Gold & Silver In Pittsburgh, PA

Having a bunch of steel structures is one thing, but Pittsburgh is also the home to various coin shops and precious metals firms.

You can easily find yourself a coin shop or a bullion bar seller, but you need to ensure they are reliable in their services.

Here are a few firms I found to be reliable regarding precious metals and other investment businesses.

1. Banner Coin Exchange Inc.

As the name suggests, Banner Coin Exchange Inc. specializes in currency exchange, providing a good amount of variety in gold and silver coins.

The business has been providing its services to the people for over 50 years. Aside from coin exchange, they also facilitate people who want to sell jewelry and other precious metals. This puts them in a good line to cater to a wide range of potential investors.

The people at this shop are trustworthy and very straightforward. They will provide you with an honest and reliable quote with any fluff.

Additionally, they offer top dollar for all the valuables that you provide to them. They are a great business to check out if you want to start strong in your investment needs.

Phone Number: (412) 261-5696
Address: 404 Smithfield St Pittsburgh, PA 15222

2. The Charles Litman Coin Exchange Inc.

Established and opened in 1961, the business moved to its current establishment in 1975. They were, and still are, a family-owned and operated business.

They are known for buying and selling all sorts of precious metals. They buy and sell everything from coins to bars and even diamonds.

This business has been providing its customers and Pittsburgh residents with a wide range of numismatic collectibles as well.

These range from tokens to medals and a lot more. You can expect good things from this business as there have been more than 120 Google reviewers, most of which have highly rated the business.

They also have an eBay store for you to browse. This can be a good way to check out their line of products during the holiday season.

Phone Number: (412) 261-9000
Address: 143 6th St Pittsburgh, PA 15222

3. Market Harmony Coin and Bullion Shop

Located just outside Millvale, Pittsburgh, Market Harmony Coin and Bullion Shop is a one-stop shop for all things related to precious metals.

They are well known for buying, selling, trading, and brokering various metals, such as gold and silver. They market themselves as local coin and bullion experts, which is probably true.

One thing to note about businesses is that there is not a lot of information you can find about them on their website.

Their Yelp page is even more lackluster when it comes to company information. Regardless, due to the mostly positive reviews on Google, you can rest assured that the business has your interests at heart.

If you still have doubts about the company, you should go and visit them and maybe scope out the place for yourself. This might also give you the final push to decide which firm to choose for your investment needs.

Phone Number: (412) 468-4653
Address: 657 Evergreen Ave, Millvale, PA 15209

4. Treasure Hunt Jewelry

Established in 1963, the goals of Treasure Hunt Jewelry have remained the same for nearly 60 years.

They aim to provide their customers with the best services and amazing value when buying and selling precious metals.

This business mission also extends to the exchange of precious metals and coins. All of this offering alone is enough for me to recommend this firm. However, there is still much more discussion about it as a brand.

The business is also a very successful one. You can figure this out due to the good amount of branches under the brand’s name.

There are ten stores in the greater Pittsburgh area, all of which have a beautiful selection of bullion and metals. Additionally, they have a very friendly staff to deal with both beginner and experienced customers.

Phone Number: (412) 851-9991
Address: 1680 Washington Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15241

5. Pat & Bj Coins

Regardless of whether you are in the market for buying or selling precious metals, the people at Pat & Bj Coins will give you a deal with the utmost integrity.

They offer the purchase and sale of metal bullion, available in all shapes and sizes. The business will have you covered if you want to buy coins, currency, or just plain metal bars.

Aside from this information, nothing else can be derived from their website. They have a review page on Google. They have a pretty good rating, although it results from only six reviewers.

Overall, this company offers you the same services as its competitors. It is very simple to get into and a straightforward venture making it more appealing for beginners looking into metal investments.

Phone Number: (724) 325-7211
Address: 795 Pine Valley Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15239

6. Harold B. Weitz, Inc.

This company markets itself as a premier coin, bullion, and currency dealer. The business deals in all investment assets, such as old US coins, coin sets, silver, gold, and jewelry.

You can also get your hands on some paper money or collectibles, all this results from 50 years of combined experience among the employees working there.

They pay the highest prices when it comes to the purchasing of bullion and offer spectacular rates when selling it.

If you do not believe me, call them today and book a free appraisal. This might give you all the information you need to ally with the business and start investments.

Phone Number: (412) 521-1879
Address: 6315 Forbes Avenue, Suite 122, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

7. Gold Rush

Established in 2003, Gold Rush specializes in gold, platinum, and silver dealings. They saw the huge bump in precious metal prices in the 2008 financial crisis and decided to set up shop.

This was not to benefit from economic instability but to provide consumers with the same metals that they could benefit from.

The business is very confident that you will partner up and invest with them, as they recommend checking out the market and coming to them last.

They claim to pay the most out of the competition and provide solid rates when it comes to purchasing bullion.

Phone Number: (412) 932-7700
Address: 2830 W Liberty Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Much Do Gold Dealers Charge In Pittsburgh, PA?

When you are in the market for selling gold, you typically have to pay a markup on the value of the gold. This is usually 1% and can go up to 5%, but this markup can be immense in certain cases.

People reported that the premium markup could go more than 5% in Pittsburgh, which makes the entire transaction very expensive. Make sure you account for this extra markup before deciding on your purchase.

Q2: Are There Taxes On Purchasing Gold & Silver In Pittsburgh, PA?

There is no sales tax associated with investing in gold and silver bullion in the state of Pennsylvania.

This means that you will not be taxed by the state when buying gold bullion and coins in the city of Pittsburgh.

Aside from the dealer charge, you should not worry about any taxes or other fees when buying precious metals.

Q3: Can You Invest In A Gold IRA In Pittsburgh, PA?

There are no restrictions in place in either the state of Pennsylvania or the city of Pittsburgh on setting up gold IRAs. You can invest in a gold IRA in the city, and most people will even recommend you do this.

I personally recommend that you also set up a gold IRA as it is a solid alternative to a retirement savings fund.

Gold IRA services are a perfect way to diversify your assets and expand your investment portfolio. This, however, is only possible if you have a capable firm providing you with the service. I have gone ahead and compiled various reliable gold IRA companies for your benefit!

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You can easily get find yourself a precious metals firm or business in the city of Pittsburgh, but you need to make sure they are fit for your business. The last thing you want is to get scammed or take a loss on your investment.

You should now be able to avoid establishments like this and instead go towards the more trustworthy ones that I have listed above.

This will ensure you get the quality services you deserve without any threat of loss or becoming a victim of fraud.

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