Does Gold Go Up During War?

Why did gold price increase during the war? Read my guide to learn why

Among other things, conflicts can trigger the movement of the price of gold. Comprehensive data has shown that the price of gold increases during war. Gold’s ability to stay valuable even during the most excruciating situations makes it different from other commodities. Since time immemorial, gold has been seen as a high-value metal that, even…

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How Many Types Of Gold Are There?

Learn the different types of gold

Gold has been around for a long time. In the past, it was used mainly as a currency, and while it has retained this status in some cultures, it is now mainly considered an investment vehicle. People mostly buy gold to diversify their portfolios and protect against economic unrest. If you want to purchase gold,…

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What Is The Best Type Of Gold To Buy?

Learn which gold is the best to purchase

Gold has been a recognizable representation of riches since recorded history. It has proven to be a fantastic financial choice that can survive almost any economic turbulence. Gold offers more choice beyond its ornamental value. Gold is the most expensive and widely utilized commodity in the world. It does not react with moisture, preventing rust…

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How Much Gold Does The Average American Own?

Learn how much gold American citizens have

While America’s Treasury possesses more gold than any other country, the amount of gold owned by the Americans cannot be accurately defined. Gold is one of the most valuable and traded commodities in the United States and worldwide. Gold isn’t just a safe haven for investors; it is a highly valuable metal that everybody admires.…

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Why Is The Gold-To-Silver Ratio So High?

Learn what is the highest the gold-silver ratio has ever been

If you have been in the gold market for a while, you might have heard of the gold to silver ratio. It is one of the most talked about ratios in the financial market, and for good reasons too. This ratio is very high and has a knack for breaking its record for all-time highs.…

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