How Much Is All The Gold In The World Worth?

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Gold has been a part of our history and culture for the longest time. It is one of the most valuable commodities on earth.

In the past, it was used for currency and as a sign of luxury and wealth. The value of gold has increased, and though it is no longer used as currency in some cultures, it is now one of the most stable investment vehicles in the world.

But have you ever stopped to wonder, “How much is all the gold in the world worth?” Is someone keeping track? Do we know how much gold has been mined since gold was first discovered?

Based on the current gold price, the value of all the gold in the world at the moment is 13.7 Trillion.

Yes! The price of all the gold in the world runs into the trillions. In this article, we will understand how we got such a value.

Gold Is Indestructible

Gold’s indestructibility is one of its finest features. All the gold that has been mined is still somewhere in the world in one form or the other. The most common forms are jewelry, bars, and coins.

Apart from the gold present in one form or the other above ground, we also have underground reserves yet to be mined. We calculated the prices of gold, both mined and unmined, and that is how we got our figure.

How Much Gold Is In The World And Where Are They?

We cannot give an exact figure, but according to the World Gold Council, an estimated 201,296 tones of gold has been mined. About 53,000 tonnes are still in unidentified underground reserves.

These figures sound big, but they aren’t. Gold, in its purest form, is still one of the rarest metals. If all the gold above ground is melted, it would barely fill an Olympic swimming pool.

But where is this mined gold? The figures below account for approximately all the gold above the ground.

  • Jewelry: 93,253 tons or 46%.
  • Private Investments: 44,384 tons or 22%.
  • Central Banks: 34,211 tons or 17%.
  • Others: 29,448 tons or 15%.

As you can see, jewelry accounts for nearly half of gold forms. India and China have been and still are the largest consumers of gold jewelry worldwide.

Because of gold’s value as an investment vehicle, most investors are adding it to their portfolios. So it is not surprising that private investors holding gold in the form of bars and coins are the next highest consumers of gold.

Central banks also hold a huge amount of gold. They use gold to hedge against the depreciation that is common with Fiat Currency. Together, all the central banks hold about 17 percent of all the gold above ground.

Gold is also used for several industrial purposes. You can find gold in the composition of your mobile phones and in the tools your dentists use. These industrial purposes account for about 15 percent of gold above ground.

Regarding gold reserves, Australia, Russia, and the USA have the largest reserves. They are also among the world’s largest producers of gold.

The Value Of All The Gold In The World

To estimate the value of all the gold in the world, we have to take our figures, convert them to grams and then multiply them by the current price.

Therefore our calculation will be something like this:

254,296 tonnes × 1000kg × 1000 gm × 53.88 USD

The value is slightly above 13.7 Trillion USD

If we are to calculate the value of all the mined gold, on the other hand, we will have a value slightly above 11 Trillion USD.

However, you should remember that the value we have used is estimated, so our results are also an estimate. There are articles with smaller and bigger figures.

The figures can also be affected by the price of gold at the time of calculation. If the price goes higher, then the value will also go higher.

What Influences The Price Of Gold?

The value of gold fluctuates. Sometimes it breaks the record of a new all-time high, and then it falls back to a lower figure.

One of the greatest influences on the prices of gold is demand. Gold is rarely mined in great quantities annually. The price of gold will rise as demand grows because of the limited quantity available.

Another factor that seems to influence the price of gold is the interest rate. Although not always the case, it seems the price of gold rises when interest rates fall and vice versa.

Economic data is another factor that drives gold prices. History has shown that a stronger economy tends to reduce the price of gold while a weak economy pushes the price higher. (Check the highest gold price has ever been).

Inflation also drives the price of gold. High inflation levels mean that gold prices will be higher. This is the reason gold is often used as a hedge against inflation.

The value of fiat currencies also impacts the price of gold. If the dollar value falls, the price of gold will increase. However, if the dollar gains strength, it pushes the price of gold down.

What Is The Value Of My Gold Stash?

Do you own your gold stash and want to know how much it is worth? There are two options open to you. You can get it appraised and find the exact value of the gold you have.

However, if you like playing with numbers, you can calculate the value of your stash yourself. All you need to do is find out the amount of gold you own in grams and multiply it by the price of gold at that moment.

However, as we already mentioned, the price of gold changes with time, so you might need to do this calculation from time to time.

With the formula in this article, you can also calculate the price of all the gold in the world.


Gold is not going anywhere. It has been around for the longest time and continues to accrue value.

Gold is a rare metal which is why the price is high. From this article, you will see that the value of all the gold in the world is an astonishing 13.7 trillion. If investors are right, this figure will surely increase in the future.

This might be the right time to invest in gold because of all the concerns about inflation and struggling economies. Gold is capable of offering a form of protection. So why not buy into this trillion dollars precious metal?

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