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Prospero Silver was a company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Not much else can be found out about the previous website or company.

I do know for a fact that the company was mostly well-funded. This was at least until 2017, when it had the funding of Fortuna Silver Mines.

Despite this backing, the company still went down after facing issues related to the British Columbia Securities Commission. This eventually caused the company to change their names, CUSIP and ISIN.

The company and website were both formidable in their own right.

For this reason, I am pleased to announce that is now part of Long-time visitors need not an explanation of what I do here.

Whether you are a new visitor or a reader of Prospero Silver Corp’s website, I’ll talk about what my website can offer you.

Additionally, this article will focus on the history of Prospero Silver and what would become of the company. The article will also talk about both websites and the companies involved. If this interests you, then make sure to read till the end.

History Of Prospero Silver Corp.

Prospero Silver Corp was a prospect generator that focused most of its resources on Mexico. Their job was to find and set up potentially world-class precious metal projects.

This would be achieved by using practical experience and science to locate systems of gold and silver. Over the years, the company has been attending numerous different meetings and conferences.

Additionally, the company started multiple projects, most of which were based in the Mexico region.

Things picked up for Prospero Silver Corp when they closed a $1.5m PP with Fortuna Silver. This made Fortuna Silver their largest Shareholder and was a huge win for Prospero.

Projects started to roll out, such as the one in the Durango State, while the company would keep updates to its shareholders. Things turned for the worst when the company got too aggressive with its announcements.

As you can derive from their Twitter account, which is still up, the company was constantly announcing their latest project.

This attracted the attention of the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC). This organization inspected the company.

I will talk about the results of this inspection later in the article.

For now, you should know that the consequences were so immense that the company had to rebrand entirely. Prospero Silver Corp would soon become Keon Capital Inc.

What Is Keon Capital Inc.?

In March of 2021, Prospero Silver Corp announced to the world that they were changing their name to Keon Capital Inc.

Overall, Keon Capital would be mostly the same entity as Prospero. This was despite the changing of the company’s CUSIP & ISIN, along with their ticker symbol. Keon Capital was also the same official entity as Prospero, so there was no consolidation of shares of the company’s capital.

This meant that people who had invested in the company were not required to change or exchange any certificates they had.

These certificates indicated that they were shareholders of the company. The name change also did not change anything related to the company’s share structure. Furthermore, the rights of shareholders were also kept the same.

The entire decision was approved just a week before the actual change occurred. The Board of Directors of Prospero Silver Corp made this change subject to the acceptance of the NEX Board of TSX Venture Exchange.

The official statement of the CEO stated that the name change was done to better reflect the company’s nature. Some would argue that it was done to move away from the company’s history.

What Became Of Prospero Silver After Their Name Change?

As hinted at by the CEO’s statement, Prospero was changing more than just its name. While the entire structure of the company was to remain the same, the company was moving away from silver exploration.

Instead, it would review and look for lucrative business opportunities in all sectors. Soon after, there were additional changes made inside the company. The first major change was the replacement of certain shareholders.

The Endeavor Trust Corporation replaced Computershare Trust Company. This would mean that the registrar and transfer agent of the company was completely changed. This change would not require any of its shareholders to take any action.

Moreover, this meant that the Endeavor Trust Corporation would be the company to talk to if people wanted to get shareholder records of Prospero/Keon.

The company was only beginning to struggle. By the end of September, the company announced that it had a capital deficit of more than $350,000.

More than half of this cash was owed to its directors and officers who worked at the company. Over a period of 3 and 9 months, the company lost close to $22,000 and $111,000, respectively.

Keon’s Debt And Further Changes

In April 2022, the company announced that they were doing a private placement of more than 2 million shares. This would be done at $0.35 per share and gross over $500,000.

A good chunk of this cash was used to repay the loans and trade payables that the company had accumulated. It was also used to pay off the $237,000 debt the company was in.

Soon after, John Watson resigned from the Board of the company, and the CEO, William Murray, was still in power.

This announcement was later confirmed to be in the works in the next month. Most of the information was slightly changed, but the picture remained the same overall.

The entire situation was also met with opposition from within the company itself. Negotiations occurred between the two parties, and the decision was made to go with the debt settlement.

Furthermore, the company’s Annual General and Special Meeting of holders of common shares were held, and over 42% of the company shares were represented. The board of directors was completely re-elected, and a new stock option plan was also approved.

Additionally, the Mexican Subsidiary of the company was sold and there were a few personnel changes as well.

Prospero Silver Corp’s Activity Over The Years

In 2019, drill testing began for the company’s Paucha Project. This project leads to the extraction of clay but, more importantly, gold and silver.

This project was an old mine that the company had taken on. This was a part of an agreement between Prospero and Fortuna Silver Mines.

Other projects the company was well known for was the Buenavista project and the Petate project. Both of these areas also had veins of gold and silver which were waiting to be extracted.

These projects were all close to old mines, which made it a lot easier for the company to start operations.

Where Is Prospero Silver Corp Now?

After some major restructuring, most of which I have highlighted above, Prospero Silver Corp is still up and running.

The only thing is that it is now known as Keon Capital Inc. Otherwise, the company is still the same as it ever was.

Despite the changes and issues that the company faced, it has remained steadfast and adamant in its goals. These goals have shifted over the years, but this was mostly done to sustain the company in the long run.

The company is operating in British Columbia. You can find their head office on 250 Howe Street in Vancouver, BC.

The company now classifies itself as a junior natural resource for mining and is still using the Endeavor Trust Corporation as its transfer agent.

Despite its name change, the company was still established in 2008 and had been marketing itself as such, despite the major changes.

Overall, it is more or less the same company, just with a different end goal and Twitter handle.

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