QuadraFNX.com Is Now Part Of SutterGoldMining.com

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Quadra FNX was created via a merger of Quadra Mining ltd & FNX Mining Ltd.

While the company had a strong history of smart entrepreneurial acquisitions and a promising pipeline of projects, it was not enough to keep the company afloat.

Quadra FNX went defunct on the 5th of March 2012 and was taken over by KGHM. Now the company is proudly a part of Sutter Gold Mining.

With this acquisition, the company can now aid in Sutter Gold Mining’s grand mission; to provide quality knowledge that will help people learn to invest their gold IRA.

This will further help the people secure their life financially and be successful in the gold market.

Naturally, with this acquisition finally complete, there will be a huge number of new visitors to this website; I will do my best to explain the types of content you can find on this website.

Additionally, I will also explain the reasoning as to why Sutter Gold Mining acquired Quadra FNX.

Why Did Sutter Gold Mining Acquires Quadra FNX?

Everyone knows that precious metals are rare and will eventually run out. This is why many of them are used as currency and wealth.

Despite this significance, not many people truly understand the importance of metals such as copper and gold. The investment potential in gold is second to none.

Sutter Gold Mining understands this completely, and who else could be on the same level of understanding as the talented mind in the Quadra FNX Company. Despite being a Canadian junior exploration and development company, Sutter Gold Mining is on its way to becoming a great US Gold Producer.

With the help of the experienced minds at Quadra FNX, Sutter Gold Mining should reach all of its goals and receive the aid of professionals who will guide it in the right direction.

The titans at Quadra FNX will aid Sutter Gold mining in reaching its full potential while providing quality insight into various mining operations.

What Was Quadra FNX Mining About?

As the name suggests, Quadra FNX was a mining company that produced a variety of special metals. Among these metals were copper, platinum, and gold.

Having various mines and working on different projects, Quadra FNX’s main strategy was to produce at least 500 million pounds of copper.

They wanted to reduce their overall project costs while increasing profitability, leading to a more attractive business model which would attract investment opportunities.

Their plan would persist in this direction until they eventually became defunct, developing operational bases mainly for copper metal mines.

Having an interest in these types of projects, Quadra FNX would make a huge name for itself in the mining industry.

With further developments of these projects, Quadra FNX excelled in the industry and gained a lot of the spotlight other companies craved.

This would also put the company on the radar of KGHM International Ltd, which would eventually acquire the company. I will talk more about this acquisition later in the article.

Was Quadra FNX A Gold Mining Company?

While Quadra FNX did mine various metals, including gold, their main focus was on copper. The majority of their projects relied on copper mines.

This was done to the point where copper became their main source of income, directly investing in it and ensuring more copper-based mines would be developed.

Assets such as the Robinson mine in eastern Nevada and the Carlota mine in east central Arizona would prove these statements as they were expected to output huge numbers of copper.

Additional projects were also started, which were majorly copper based. These include the Sierra Gorda Project and the development of the Levack Complex.

While mostly focused on copper, Quadra FNX extracted and developed a good amount of gold, which is why they were also a suitable candidate for the acquisition by Sutter Gold Mining.

This is also a key reason why the company can offer good information that is fit for Sutter Gold Mining.

Did Quadra FNX Change The Name To KGHM International Ltd?

Many people are under the impression that Quadra FNX changed its name to KGHM International Ltd, but the truth is that KGHM bought Quadra FNX.

As discussed above, Quadra FNX was primarily focused on copper extraction and development. This made it a very attractive company to be acquired by the polish mining company KGHM Polska Miedz S.A., the world’s 9th largest producer of copper.

Seeing their ideals lining up made KGHM provide an enticing offer to Quadra FNX, which they would accept. Using their internal funds, KGHM International Ltd proposed approximately C$2.9 billion for Quadra FNX.

This provided shareholders with C$15 for each commonly held share. The takeover was announced on 23 March 2010 and would be completed on the 5th of March 2012. This would be the end of Quadra FNX and the start of a new and improved mining company.

History Of Quadra And FNX

Before it came to know as Quadra FNX, Quadra and FNX were two different companies. Quadra Resources Ltd was created in 2002 and would later change its name to Quadra Mining Ltd on the 9th of January 2003.

A year later, this company would complete an initial public offering that raised $125 million, enabling it to acquire the Robinson Mine. This would play an integral role for the company after its merger with FNX.

The FNX Mining Company was its separate entity back when it was incorporated in 1984. Being older than Quadra, it had a lot of experience seeing the potential merger potential with the company.

Soon, the company came under new management and was renamed to Fort Knox Resources. Later in 1997, it was renamed to FNX Mining Company Inc.

Quadra And FNX Merger

While the two started as rivals in the same industry, Quadra Mining and FNX Mining reached a consensus that enabled them to reach a bold proposition.

The two of them would merge in a stock deal which would amount to a total of C$1.54 billion. FNX shares would be exchanged for 0.87 Quadra shares.

This made FNX’s shares valued at C$15.12. The merger allowed the resulting company to possess two huge mining camps, positioning it in a very advantageous position.

With the anticipation of generating 300 million pounds of copper in just 2001, Quadra FNX was looking at a bright future.

Additionally, the Quadra shareholders would own about 52% of their company, with the rest falling into the hands of FNX.

With such talented people joining forces, it was almost guaranteed that the company would have a strong mining knowledge and a sense of precious metals. These qualities made it very valuable for Sutter Gold Mining.

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The acquisition of Quadra FNX is a huge step for Sutter Gold Mining. The website was already on its way to becoming one of the most reliable websites when it came to gold IRA investments.

With this company under its wing, it should now be able to provide quality content and knowledge when it comes to gold and investing it.

Investment opportunities when it comes to gold are endless, and people do not randomly invest all of their precious metals and life savings.

They need to have a good source when it comes to gold IRA investment, and that is exactly what Sutter Gold Mining provides.

Not only does this sight highlight all the ways that you can invest your gold, but it also compares them so that you know which method is perfect for you.

Now with Quadra FNX by their side, the quality and research in these articles should also vastly increase. This should make Sutter Gold Mining one of the top gold IRA investment knowledge hubs on the internet.