What Are The Best Gold Bars To Buy?

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Gold bars are the most effective and efficient means of investing in physical gold. Coins have their portable and aesthetic appeal, but everyone knows gold bars are the real stalwart of the gold investment industry.

They offer you all the benefits of gold investments at the lowest possible price. If you are looking to invest in gold bars, your first line of action should be finding a trusted brand to buy. So what are some of the best or most popular gold bars to buy?

Some of the best brands of gold are Pamp Credit Suisse Gold Bars, Johnson Matthey Gold Bars, Perth Mint Gold Minted Bars, Valcambi Gold CombiBar, Engelhard Gold Bars, Royal Canadian Mint, and Scottsdale Mint.

We will take a more detailed look at these brands and how to pick the best place to buy from later, but first, let’s understand gold bars and why you should invest in them.

What Are Gold Bars?

Two options are open to anyone who wants to purchase gold bullion; the gold bar and coin. The bar shaped bullion (Gold bars) is the most common of these two options. The smaller bars are minted like coins, while the larger gold ingots are made with molds.

Gold bars are produced and sold in different weights and sizes. However, the 1-ounce gold bars remain the most sought-after size of bars because they are easy to transport and store.

To ensure that all the gold bars produced for commercial value are roughly of the same quality, producers must meet the stipulated standards of manufacture, purity, labeling, and certification.

What Make Gold Bars Investor’s Preferred Investment Option?

Gold is an important part of our economy and history. In the past, it symbolized wealth and royalty, and not everyone could own it. It was present in every aspect of life, from religion to international trade.

Fast forward to the present, and gold still holds its value. Not only does it still signify wealth and luxury, but it has also become a tangible investment vehicle.

People use it to diversify their portfolios and protect their wealth from inflation. Others use it to fund their IRA.

Gold bars take all these advantages and epitomize them.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in gold bars:

  • Gold bars have lower premiums that gold coins.
  • Transportation and storage is relatively easy.
  • Production and refining are cheaper than other gold options.
  • They are great for long-term investors.

You can see that gold bar investments are a good idea. However, you need to be careful. The value of gold bars depends on their purity. If you buy a low-quality gold bar, you have wasted money.

The Best Companies Or Brands To Buy Gold Bars From

To help you avoid the risk of buying low-quality bars from untrustworthy brands or companies, we have compiled a list of some brands to purchase from. These brands are known for the purity and authenticity of their bars and are trusted by gold investors worldwide.

Credit Suisse Gold Bars

First on our list are the gold bars developed by Credit Suisse and manufactured by PAMP (Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux). Every investor who is well vasted in invest on gold bars has heard of and probably owns a Credit Suisse Gold Bar.

These gold bars have been in the market since the late 19th century and are popular for their unique and simple designs. PAMP beautifies each of their product with its unique Lady Fortuna design. Every investor who knows his gold knows this design as a mark of refining finesse.

These features make Credit Suisse Gold Bars a front runner in the market and one of the best gold investment options available.

Because of their simplistic design, the premium of the Credit Suisse Gold Bars is lower compared to other options. The bars are made with .9999 pure gold, and each one has a unique serial number. You can easily confirm the quality of gold you are buying.

The best thing about the Credit Suisse Gold Bars is that they are one of the best options for IRA investing due to their high purity levels. Credit Suisse Gold Bars are a great choice for anyone who wants to invest in gold.

Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

Johnson Matthey has been in the precious metal industry for a long time. The company has a long history of producing precious metals in the United Kingdom. The quality of their work was so good that in 1946 they were made UK’s official silver coin producers.

Johnson Matthey has earned their spot as one of the world’s most renowned and trusted precious metal producers.

Johnson Matthey does not just produce silver. They also have a range of gold bars in different sizes and shapes. Johnson Matthey’s Gold Bars have unique designs and different refinement levels. You can say that they have got something for everyone.

Johnson Matthey does not mint gold bars, rather, they cast them, which reduces the cost of production, and the premium investors have to pay.

Johnson Matthey Gold Bars with .9999 Gold fineness levels have IRA approval and are great investment options.

Australian Perth Mint Gold Bars

The Australian Perth Mint is probably the best government mint owned by Britain as a Sovereign State. It is rare to find mints like this and even rarer to find one that produces gold bars of such high-quality.

The Perth Mint is one of the three branches of Britain’s Royal Mint in Australia created to help increase gold bullion production in the British commonwealth nations. It is the only surviving branch, as the other two are closed.

Perth Mint produced gold coins until 1931 when Britain dropped the gold standard. After this, they began producing bars. They have produced some of the world’s finest gold bars for decades.

Australian Perth Mint’s Gold Bars range from ½ an ounce to 1000 ounces. Their popular gold minted bars come in 20, 10, and 5 grams. They come with attractive, tamper-proof packaging. The beauty and uniqueness of these bars make them a delight to own.

Valcambi Suisse Gold Bars

Valcambi Suisse is an industry-leading precious metal refiner out of Balerna, Switzerland. They are so popular that in 2020 they were producing and refining 6.6 tons of Gold per day.

Valcambi has one of the finest minted bars, each with .9999 gold fineness levels. Each of their bars has the Valcambi logo engraved on the face, alongside the Gold bar’s purity, weight, serial number, and assay mark.

Valcambi Suisse offers the popular CombiBar. The CombiBar was first produced in 2011 and is a thin 50-gram bar, roughly the size of a credit card. What is so special about the CombiBar?

It is divided into 50 1-gram bars that can be broken apart. The CombiBar offers the best portability and divisibility.

The CombiBar, and most of the bars produced by Valcambi Suisse, are of .9999 gold fineness level and approved by the IRA. Using your gold for financial transactions has never been more possible.

Engelhard Gold Bars

Engelhard is an American-based company that has been in the precious metal industry for over 100 years. They are known around the world for their high-quality gold and silver.

Engelhard Gold Bars come in cast and minted forms so buyers can make their choice. But the beautiful thing about these bars is their shapes. Engelhard bars have an odd shape that gives them a unique distinctiveness. They are very attractive and are increasingly becoming rarer.

The rarity these features offer is great for investors, but it also means that the premium on these bars is higher. If you are not worried about the price, Engelhard Gold Bars could be the perfect investment option for you.

Royal Canadian Mint

This mint has been around for over a century. Made in Ottawa, it has been around since 1908 and was first called the Ottawa Mint.

The Royal Canadian Mint was the Canadian unit of Britain’s royal mint. The Royal Canadian Mint is the official mint of the Canadian government and produce the country’s gold, silver, and circulating coins.

The Royal Canadian Mint also offers gold bars to private investors and companies looking to buy. They produce gold bars in different sizes, usually between I troy ounce minted bars and cast 1-kilo bars.

All their bars are IRA-approved and come with the Royal Canadian Mint logo, purity, weight, and the serial number of the bar on the face. On the back, you will find patterns of the Royal Canadian Mint Insignia.

Scottsdale Mint

The Scottsdale Mint is a private Mint in Arizona, America. They are known to produce the highest quality precious metal products.

Scottsdale Mint specializes in producing silver products, but they also produce some of the finest minted and cast gold bars in the country.

This Mint usually co-produces and co-brands their gold bars with Heraeus, their swiss partner. Their gold bars are packaged with unique credentials and a certi-lock assay card for security reasons.

All their Gold bars have the Scottdale Mint logo, the purity and weight of the bar engraved on it. Since all the bars are made with .9999 fineness, they are IRA-approved and are great for investors.

This guy in this video will also educate you to pick the best gold bars:

Where To Buy Gold Bars

We have talked about some of the best gold bar brands to buy. But for first-time investors, another tricky question is where or who to buy the gold bars.

You can buy gold bars from dealers. In the past, you had to seek out and find physical dealers. But the internet has made everything simple. Now you can buy gold bars from physical and online dealers.

Buying from physical dealers means you might have to pay a higher premium because they have to make profits, and their cost of operation is high. An online dealer will not charge as much because of the high demand.

But choosing between a brick-and-mortar dealer and an online one isn’t where the search ends. You need to ensure you are buying from a trustworthy dealer.

A single gold bar is very expensive; if you want to buy a lot, you must trust the dealer. Are they reputable? Do they have a track record of excellent service delivery? Do they carry the brands we have mentioned here?

You can also invest in gold bars through an IRA. All you need is an IRA and IRS-approved vendors. Contact a trustworthy Gold IRA company to find out how they can help you invest in gold bars.

Final Words

Gold bars will probably remain the most efficient means of investing in gold. They offer all the benefits of gold investments (protection against economic instability, value retention, and a diverse portfolio) at the lowest possible premium.

If you want to invest in gold bars, the brands mentioned in this article are a great place to start. Their bars are IRA-approved, and the brands themselves are trustworthy industry frontrunners.

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